MOOD: Now I have thought about this a bit pissed off and hurting.

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    SONG: Michael Jackson “They Don’t Care About Us.”

    Ok so this last week I have encountered 2 people who kinda got my back up and put a bug up my butt. One who is religious, no problem there, and one who feels that if pandas are dying out we should let them die and stop trying to save them, along with the so called, self professed wild life lover Chris Packham.

    Now I am all for people having opinions, that is cool, after all I have opinions too, but the two people I am thinking of in particular, other than Packham, were so obstinate that their opinions were the be all and end all and the only one that mattered.

    Lets start with the wildlife hater on twitter. this chap tweeted me and complained about all the pandas, I think he was complaining about my tweets, or my selfie with Susie Panda (Part of #passthepanda for earth hour), either way he made his feelings about pandas clear, saying that he subscribed to Packham’s view that if it is dying out let it die. The tweeter was convinced that it is part of evolution, things live then they die and compared it to dinosaurs becoming extinct.

    I pointed out that dinos had become extinct because of a natural event, a meteor crashing to earth, while pandas where dying out due to a human element that was killing them, the tweeter insisted that he didn’t mention being killed by humans, but it is proven by WWF that humans hunting pandas and tearing down their habitat, converting forests to agricultural areas, bamboo harvesting, large scale developments like constructing roads and mining are some of the causes of the Giant Panda dying out. However the person I was debating with called it “Pifle!” and that was the limit of his intelligent argument pro panda extinction.

    Now this I was sure was just a friendly debate but the next I knew the person concerned was bragging about a twitter cull and I discovered that he had childishly culled me because of the debate. I was shocked, I thought it was just a debate not a falling out, the guy seemed okay to me, and I kept saying to him we should agree to disagree, but no he just had to be RIGHT, which with his obvious lack of knowledge about green issues and his inability to listen to others opinions and scientific fact and solid evidence means he could actually be WRONG.

    It is safe to say that the first one is obviously a sheep following the obvious uneducated bleatings of lead sheep, Chris Packham, and I pity the man for never listening to other opinions and daring to come to his own based on scientific fact and proven theories.

    The second case, which was actually the first is a little more difficult as it concerns religion. I met a chap when I was questioning me being a pagan recently, I was going through a phase of “am I really on the right path.” thankfully I have realised I am on the right path FOR ME, and in part it is thanks to this chap.

    We were talking about someone who had been griefing me about being pagan and also about someone who was supposedly a follower of god griefing the gay society, saying it was wrong and all gays were basically evil.

    This is my problem, the Christian religion is not as old as people think, it didn’t start with the creating of the world, the story of the bible may start with the worlds creation, Genesis, but the actual religion was started many, many, many years later, and before the apparent “one true God.” there were other religions, Greek for example, Egyptian I believe too. Also before man learned to speak words they communicated like trolls in grunts and howls, I am speaking of course of cave man, there is scientific proof of much of this, so I doubt they had much to do with writing the bible, so it must have been some time later right? With the invention of words and language?. However I am no one to tell someone their religion is wrong, after all I could be wrong for all I know and there is a “one true God”, and I am willing to accept that there isn’t enough evidence to completely discount this theory, people will theorise and debate about this God thing forever and won’t find the true answer until we die, and as I am in no hurry to die, hopefully it will be a while before I find out if I am right or wrong.

    Anyways that’s not the point, the point is this person I was speaking to was so adamant that there is just one true God and he is a jealous God that he would not accept that he could be wrong and there could be something in other religions even other Christian religions. As far as he was concerned there is no other true religion.

    Now I commend him for his strong faith and belief in his God, thats great, it’s great to have so much faith and to be so sure, that is a wonderful gift to have, but the truth is, he actually started to frighten me and I was worried he would burn me at the stake for even questioning his beliefs, and I have to be honest I am still a tad frightened.

    So what we have here are two people who refuse to accept they may be wrong and in doing so, every single one of us that has a different opinion is completely wrong, this isn’t just faith and belief, this is fanaticism to a very frightening point.

    One showed it in an immature way and with a very weak argument and by running away so there could be no more debate, so he could not be proved wrong with his one final childish argument, the word “Piffle”. And one other who would not listen, to the extent he would talk over me and keep saying how “jealous” God is and making it sound like God is like one of those crazy stalker people and will smite you just as soon as look at you if you look at a statue of an another God.

    Maybe this is not how they intended to make me feel about them but all things considered how could I not feel this. I could be wrong about Pandas, I could be wrong about which God is true, and I am willing to listen and learn but no one should be made to feel this way by anyone, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and to believe strongly, but no one is entitled to stamp on you and hurt you and or frighten you, just because you don’t believe the way they do. I certainly won’t be questioning my faith again that’s for sure and doubt I will be getting into spiritual debates any more.

    Well I have had my vent and expressed my feelings, I still don’t feel much better but there you go it was worth a try. I hope you are all having better times than me,

    love and bright blessings,




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