• Time To Take Five Minutes ToTalk About Mental Health

    Just a quick short blog, I am taking 5 minutes to write something about mental health now and | would appreciate it if you all took a few minutes to read, maybe it's nothing new to you or maybe it is and you can teach others.

    I have mental health issues, ranging from borderline personality disorder to PTSD, to Bipolar disorder and more and it is about bipolar I want to speak.

    For years people have told me bipolar is in my head, i can change, I don't have to be bipolar and for some years I believed them and I felt even more awful any time I had a bipolar hissy fit or mood swing.

    Well I got news for you, Bipolar was in my head but not in the way you think. Bipolar should really not be labelled has a mental illness and heres why.

    Now for the laymen's science bit: We all have these things in our bodies, these chemicals called neurotransmitters like Dopamine which regulates motor behavior, pleasures related to motivation and also emotional arousal. and Serotonin which regulates appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature, mood, behaviour, muscle contraction, and function of the cardiovascular system and endocrine system.

    There's more to that sciencey bit but am not gonna bore you with it, simple fact is that bipolar disorder is an imbalance of these and other neurotransmitters therefore it is a physiological illness ( because chemicals in our body are a physiological thing not a mental thing.) with psychological effects, and I nor anyone else can control the chemicals in our bodies, therefore we can't just become better people and stop having bipolar disorder just because other people don't like it about us, that we have it, we have to live with it and if you want to be a part of our lives so do you, you have to look past the bipolar and see the other things in us, the great things about us.

    Not everyone can handle and understand people with bipolar and they won't ever be able to be friends with someone with it, but somewhere out there there are special people, not only special people with bipolar, but special people without, who can look beyond our illness and see that really, we aren't so bad once you get to know us, so thank you to those special people for understanding, and thank you to you for reading and taking five minutes to listen to the ramblings of a man with mental health issues.

    love, Rin. xox


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