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    It’s been a while since I wrote in my blog, the truth of the matter is, I have not much felt like blogging, regardless of the people asking when there will be another. However today is one of those dates that is firmly circled on my calendar, while others have circled hallowe’en, November 5th and the coming Yule and Christmas holidays. Today is TDoR, for those not in the know that would be be, Transgender Day of Remembrance

    You might be asking why me, a completely straight, non transgender guy, who, by all rights of law has no place in the LGBT community, would concern myself with such matters and such days? well I guess I could belong as a friend or maybe acquaintance of the community for I have no phobias of them and support the LGBT community whole heartedly.

    The reason I care and concern myself with these dates in my calendar is simply that I care and I believe that all people no matter from what walk of life, should be treated with equality and have the equal right to live and to love and to be loved, and yet here we are having to have days of remembrance like TDoR.

    Every year hundreds, maybe even thousands of people are either killed or bullied into suicide because they are transgender, and every year in vigils across different parts of the world, on the 20th of November, names of some, if not most, of those people are read out. And I think it’s safe to say I am not the only one thinking, “Why?, why do people hurt other people this way? Just because they are different? Is that it?”

    It pains me to tell you that although not a victim myself, I have come across this kind of Transphobia in my life. I have been witness to bullying and watched as a trans woman ran home in tears, I did want to follow her and be there for her and say “Hey I think you are awesome.” Why awesome you may ask? Well I’ll tell you, because of the courage it takes to openly be yourself and the amount of crap trans people have to take from bullying bigots and morons and how Trans people still battle on.

    It’s devastating to think there are more people that lost their lives due to Transphobia and to know there will be more next year, and the year after, though every year I wish and hope for a person to say “Hey guess what guys no one was killed or bullied into suicide this year, so we won’t be needing to read from any list.” but like all the isms like racism, and all the phobias such as this, as long as there are bigots in the world this stuff will sadly continue.

    I have no idea what it’s like to wake up in the morning and think, “Ok so some the neighbours are maybe gonna have a transbashing party (either verbally or physically) today and I’m it!” Because as I said before, not trans, so I am not even going to pretend to understand. No one can understand what you go through unless they too are going through something similar.

    However, what I am going to say I hope, it will give you some hope for the future whether you are Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Trans. It’s 21 words and here they are:

    “There are some people who accept you as you are, for who you are, and I am one of those people.”

    Now I can tell you I am not the only non LGBT person in the world that wants you to know that, and I am pretty certain you all know more like me who genuinely accept you, but I think the number of people that accept you will get bigger one day soon, I am sure it does every day.

    I am not quite sure what to say next, a part me wants to berate the bullies and swear loudly at the people who have hurt the LGBT community, but I feel my breath and words would be wasted on such worthless scum, and besides I now feel I shouldn't even be thinking about that sleaze today, so I will end it here.

    My heart goes out to all those who have loved and lost in this last year and the years previous, and I ask that if there are any of my tweetpeeps or friends or fans that read this, if you support our Transgender friends please show it with your own words either in the comments below, or even better, write a blog on your site and link it in the comments.

    Yours with big hugs, best wishes and bright blessings,




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