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    Hello little lambs, I know it has been a while my flock but here I am with another Sunday Sermon for you.

    As you know I consider myself a Gothunk part goth, part punk, I am also pagan, also I am chubby and I have a few other flaws in the eyes of others, In my own eyes I see some flaws too like the chubby and am not particularly handsome.

    When I was a young boy I used to get bullied a lot for being ugly and having glasses and freckles amongst other things, and it used to get me so down. now I look at the pretty people and people with money and I think it might be nice to have what they have but to be honest I wouldn't want to be some of these people because of the kinds of people they are and the kinds of things they do.

    I have watched reality shows and talk shows on the tv and there are people saying out loud how they wish they could be good looking and have money and pouting out all their own flaws, and I am sure some of you do that too, I think the reason so many people get depressed over being chubby or being not great looking is because of bullying, it is because of mean people pointing out our faults and flaws, so what we just see as being a part of us we now start to feel bad for this parts.

    but for the people who are sad because, they are chubby or not great looking i have to ask is it a flaw because someone else sees it, is it a problem because some one else has a problem with it? or is because you see it as a flaw or have a problem with it?

    if it is the former, if it is because other people see a flaw or have a problem with it, then don't even try and do anything about it, because it is not what you want, if you are prepared to accept the consequences then have the hell at it , but if it is the latter, if you have the problem and see the flaw, then that is called acceptance and you can do something about it if you try, but first you must see it for yourself, by yourself without others keep pointing it out to you and being mean about it.

    My point is you can only truly make changes if you want to truly change whole heartedly, if you go into it half hearted, you may well be destined to fail, it must be whole heartedly because that is what acceptance is, accepting a truth and changing it for you not for some bugger else.

    People call me fatty, my doctor tells me this obesity needs to be dealt with yet none of these people offer help on how to deal with it, the truth is I know how to deal with it, I just don't want to yet, but if people are going to only criticise and tell me what I should be and be mean about it and then walk away without offering some constructive criticism and help why the hell should I listen to them? I shouldn't! they are not worth listening to.

    it goes back to my last blog, be who you want to be, do what you want to do and as long as it harms no others, fine. Remember, if others have a problem with you, screw em, it's their problem not yours, if you have a problem with you, then right there is the reason to get of your arse and do something about it, because you are the one with the problem, simples, you will only be able to make the change if you want to make the change in the first place.

    Sermon over, I bid you fare well until my next blog,

    yours with love and blessings



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